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He worked as a Consul-General in in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Guy was born in and died on 11 Aug in Killed In Action at age Peter married Jane Andrea Knight, daughter of Cedric Escort Knight. Augustus J. C. Hare, The Gurneys of Earlham ( Charing Cross Road, London: George Allen,​.
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The HDRs are cheaper because they have less food, no meat no fancy dessert and are lacking an extra ingredient considered essential for American soldiers — chewing gum.

In die course of the last three years, some S3 million MREs left over from the Gulf war have been delivered or air-dropped to Bosnian enclaves, Kurdish refugees, volcano victims in foe Philippines, former rebels in Angola, Haitian refugees and families left homeless by floods in Mexico. It is a compliment to be recognised in this manner and I look forward to being received by Her Majesty.

God rot the grown-up who told me it was the name of the galleon in the programme's logo. I knew then that I was being fobbed off, and can stiD recall the bitter taste of disillusion. No matter. Six million of them still watch.

Noakes being knocked out by an imitation marrow while exhibiting the art of marrow-dangling Being straight with children and simultaneously protecting them from disillusion is a tail order, which is why the truth about Blue Peter is actually rather complex. Children loved cosy Chris Trace in his cardigan, even madder abour model trains than they were — but what would they have made of his tantrum when he came back after the tea-break one day to demonstrate his latest whizzo layout only to find that Richard Dimbleby had sneaked in an messed it all up?

He sulked disgracefully when Noakes got so famous.

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The audience twigged Mike Sundin straight away, so he didn't last long as a presenter, but Blue Peter didn't tell them he went on to be a stripper in a gay nightclub. And you should hear what Baxter's old colleagues say about her. U IS only on re-reading Peter Pan as an adult that you catch all its sinister undertones.

Those for whom Noakes was a hero now know that he didn't grow up but became an embittered stock Yorks hi reman who argued about the food bill for Shep, got into a libel suit with the BBC and sailed away on his yacht in misanthropic dudgeon. There is a limited market for boyish enthusiasm in the adult world. Which may be why Trace ended up a factory storekeeper.

What do you do with 21 refugee children on the doorstep? Scottish housewife Clare Findlay, bottom left with some of the Bosnian refugees Instead of sharing a quiet meal wife her husband. Andrew, she was welcoming 21 bewildered and exhausted Bosnian children and four of their mothers into her Victorian farmhouse in fee highlands of Scotland.

Fbr the next ten months the Findlay family home became a refugee camp, albeit an extremely comfortable one wife lag fires, tennis courts and acres of garden. Mrs Findlay became surrogate mother, adviser, home finder and protector to a growing band of Bosnians who have made new lives for themselves in the north-east of Scotland.

Mrs Findlay is a remarkable women, with boundless resources of energy, to whom impossibility is an unknown concept.

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In the past year she has bullied and cajoled the Home Office into granting visas for fee Bosnian lathers and has cut through enough red tape to parcel up fee whole of Bosnia. Some weeks later she received a frantic phone call from the charity. Could Mrs Findlay help?

She did a mental count of the number of spare beds in her home, just outside fee village of Mosstodloch in Morayshire, and said she could take ten. No good said the charity. It had to be all or nothing.

She then rang her husband, who, she says, was absolutely marvellous about the impending arrivals. It then dawned on her that she had only 36 hours to get fee house ready. She got in touch with the headmaster of fee local school and asked him to make an appeal at assembly for clothes and toys. She then rang Gordonstoun.

The following day she had sacks full ofdothes. It was die start of a generosity which absolutely overwhelmed her. Baxters, the food company, gave dozens of tins of soup; fee local baker in Fochabers offered free bread; individuals turned up with whole sheep and bags of brand new toys. Gordonstoun took the youngest children into its crtche to help them learn English. They had had a terrible time.

At that point if someone in a Serb uniform had walked up the path 1 would have shot him and I would not have been aiming at the legs. They ran and played and were thrilled about fee log tire and the television. Mrs Findlay was determined that all fee families would be reunited. She made endless phone calls to the Home Office.

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Fortunately, the visas for the men came through in time. The first Bosnian baby is due next month. They nearly all live in private rented accommodation and have applied for political asylum which entitles them to basic income support. They kept the rooms dean.

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They were always polite. They are lovely people. Mrs Findlay vetted all the food for signs of pork and was surprised to come down to the kitchen one morning to discover seven mothers tucking into bacon sandwiches. We think Clare no like bacon, she never have bacon in fridge'. Mrs Findlay has her house back once more and has been able to restart her work with riding for the disabled. A party to mark the first anniversary of the Bosnian's arrival is being held this weekend. For these people it ready happened. They are very special. Items include sofas, sofa beds, and armchairs and a limited amount of reproduction furniture in Oak, Cherry, Mahogany and Yew.

Down on the street, to fee tune of violins. She arrives just as Tom Hanks, or Sam. The entire Empire Leicester Square lets out a collective gasp.

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Have Annie and Sam lost their only chance of happiness? It will probably not spoil the plot of Sleepless in Seattle if I reveal that instead we leave with a warm feeling in our tummies and tears in our eyes, knowing that out there, there is someone for all of us. This week, despite opening against the heavily hypal The Fugitive with Harrison Ford, it is the number one film in London and number two nationally. The answer is the absence of all those qualities, according to Michael Goodridge.

In the same way the love- Irom-beyond-the-grave weepie.. The question remains of what attracted women and older people to such a film. It is a question which Sleepless In Seattle answers by itself. An Affair to Remember, which Annie and her best friend sniffle over in an orgy of self- indulgence. It is a reminder of the days of chaste courtship, of eyes meeting across a crowded room, of big-band crooners and mothers who keep their wedding dresses in mothballs in the attic. While Sleepless in Seattle is the ultimate chicks movie, Ryan is the ultimate chick's movie star.

Ephron, who directed the film, says Ryan is the woman every man wants to go to bed with. Ryan is Hollywood's girl next door. She has a good jab. Her best friend is fat and plain, showing feat 1 women love her too. In the work-obsessed s. In the Aids-ridden s.

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In real life, Ryan clings to her soft-centred persona. She tells everyone that she loves romance. Not everyone is crazy about Ryan. It is there to hide fee fact fear she is quite manipulative and forceful in her pursuit of Tom Hanks, who puts in a much better performance.