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This is a list of slang terms, primarily slurs, used to by others to describe LGBT people. Contents The presumption being that this person will date and become sexually involved with both members of that Shemale, a trans woman with male genitalia and possibly female secondary sex characteristics. London Slang.
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In their sociological study, Martin S. Weinberg and Colin J. Williams interviewed 26 men sexually interested in transwomen MSTW. As an example, they described a case who "said that he was 'bisexual' rather than 'gay' because he was able to think of the transwomen as women". As part of HIV prevention research in , Operario et al.

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Some men were definitive about this declaration, while others were hesitant and wondered if they should consider themselves bisexual. A Northwestern University study recruited men interested in trans women.

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A study that used the penile plethysmograph demonstrated that the arousal patterns, genital and subjective, of men who report attraction to transgender women who have "female-typical physical characteristics e. The study showed that these men are much more aroused to female than to male stimuli.

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They differed from both the groups of straight and gay men, however, in also displaying strong arousal to stimuli featuring trans women, to which they responded as much as to the cisgender female stimuli. Of the men attracted to trans women, The bisexuals among them did not display significantly more arousal to male stimuli than their heterosexual counterparts, however. They did report a higher number of male sex partners, and they had higher levels of self-reported autogynephilic arousal than their straight counterparts.

Sexual arousal was also measured in another study, comparing the responses of four groups of people: autogynephilic male cross-dressers, gynandromorphophilic men, heterosexual men, and homosexual men. The penile reactions of the study participants were recorded while watching nine 3-minute film clips with audio : two neutral natural scenery with soothing music and seven showing pairs of individuals engaged in oral and penetrative sex.

In these seven, two had cisgender male actors only, two had cisgender female actors only with fingering as the penetrative sex , and three had transgender women who had breasts and a penis as actors: a trans woman and a man, a trans woman and a cis woman, and a trans woman with another trans woman. Their responses replicated the finding that gynandromorphophilic men are distinct from gay men; the responses of the gynandromorphophiles were not distinguishable from those of the autogynephilic male crossdressers, however.

These two groups showed little response to the cisgender male-only stimuli, large response to the cisgender female-only stimuli, but largest response to transgender female stimuli. The responses of the gay men and the heterosexual men both showed the expected patterns of most arousal to cisgender males and females respectively, little to the non-preferred sex, and only some to the trans female actors. Erotic materials created for people attracted to trans men have become more visible, especially due to pornographic actor Buck Angel. A variety of casual terms have developed to refer to people who are attracted to transgender people.

These terms include admirer , [13] trans-attracted , [13] trans-oriented , [13] transfan , [14] and trans catcher.

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The terms tranny chaser [15] [14] sometimes shortened to chaser [13] and tranny hawk [14] have been used, although tranny is considered a slur by many. Sociologist Avery Tompkins of Transylvania University in Kentucky argued in an article in the Journal of Homosexuality that a sex-positive trans politics cannot emerge if terms such as tranny chaser informed discussion of attraction to transgender people.

In scientific literature, the term gynandromorphophilic is often used for men who are attracted to trans women who possess a combination of male and female physical characteristics. The term skoliosexual has been used to describe attraction to non-binary people. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Romantic or sexual attraction to transgender people. This article relies too much on references to primary sources.

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Transgender is someone whose gender is different from the one they were assigned at birth. Transgender individuals may identify themselves as female or male. They may also feel that neither of the two descriptions fit them. A trans woman is someone who was born a male but identify her as a woman. Some, but not all, transgender women also opt for a medical transition. So, what a transgender women really is—a woman or man?

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Well, your genitals are only a small part of your body. Similarly, your body is a minuscule part of your overall being.

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