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British actor and presenter. Grantham , Lincolnshire , England.

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Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire , England. Actor straight man radio and television presenter. Denise Bryer. Ann Reynolds. Nicholas Parsons' voice. Further information: Just a Minute. Great Lives. Series Episode 7. BBC Radio 4. Retrieved 18 January Retrieved 27 May The Guardian. Retrieved 29 January Desert Island Discs. Radio 4.

Grace's Guide to British Industrial History. Retrieved 13 March Ed Doolan Interviews. Radio 7.

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BBC News. Retrieved 28 January The Stage. Encyclopedia of Television Shows, through Retrieved 8 April Nicholas Parsons Official Website. Retrieved 25 January Pavilion Books. Retrieved 20 April — via Google Books. Retrieved 20 April — via YouTube. London: John Murray. BBC News Online. Retrieved 4 June Retrieved 10 September In , the proportion of vapers was highest among current cigarette smokers Only 0.

The most common reason given for vaping was as an aid to stop smoking, with more than half Smoking is a leading cause of preventable death in the UK. In , 77, deaths were attributable to smoking in England. Estimates from the governments of the devolved countries suggest that smoking is responsible for around 5, deaths each year in Wales, 10, deaths per year in Scotland and 2, deaths per year in Northern Ireland. Exposure to second-hand smoke passive smoking can lead to a range of diseases, many of which are fatal, with children especially vulnerable to the effects of passive smoking.

In England, there were estimated to be , hospital admissions attributable to smoking in to Reducing the prevalence of cigarette smoking is therefore a main objective for the government and devolved administrations. These set out their respective strategies for reducing the proportion of the population that smokes and the harm caused by tobacco use. Public Health England, via their Local Tobacco Control Profiles , detail data on a wide range of indicators related to the smoking of cigarettes including different measures of prevalence in adults and young people, smoking-related mortality and the wider impacts of smoking on health.

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The Health Survey for England also collects data on smoking habits. NHS Digital produce an annual compendium , bringing together an array of smoking-related data such as smoking-related hospital admissions and deaths, smoking-related prescriptions and expenditure. Their report also includes the prevalence data for adults reported here as well as prevalence data for children from their Smoking, Drinking and Drugs Survey. The NHS Digital report is published on the same day as this report. There are limitations in using survey data to study smoking prevalence.

The data described in this bulletin are based on self-reported behaviours. As such, it is likely that the findings underestimate cigarette consumption and, to a lesser extent, cigarette smoking prevalence. For example, evidence suggests that when respondents are asked how many cigarettes they smoke per day, there is a tendency for respondents to round the figure to the size of the cigarette packet.

Underestimates of consumption are likely to occur in all age groups. There are also differences when comparing estimates of smoking prevalence from different surveys. These differences are attributable to a range of factors, for example: different survey questions, different methods of sampling and different methods of weighting. This survey has an annual sample size of approximately , respondents, making it possible to generate statistics for small geographical areas.

Further information on the survey and survey methodology is available. The data on smoking from the APS concern all respondents aged 18 years and above; this differs from smoking data from the Opinions and Lifestyle Survey, which also collects data from and year-olds. From , there has been a change in the questions in the APS , which has had an impact on the calculation of ex-smokers. The survey has an annual sample size of around 8, respondents.

Compared with the APS, the OPN contains a wider range of smoking-related questions, such as average daily cigarette consumption. A methodological note describes further information on the OPN including the sampling frame, sampling, data collection, response rates, weighting and standard errors. As mentioned in the Things you need to know about this release section, the OPN is being transformed from a face-to-face interview to online with telephone follow-up mixed-mode , as part of the Census and Data Collection Transformation Programme CDCTP.

In all, there have been two main impacts for data on smoking and e-cigarette use, which follow. Before describing these results, it is important to note that, because the OPN samples from around 2, individuals per month, the findings are based on small sample sizes, and therefore should be treated with some caution. The results of the pilot studies showed that there have been significant differences for estimates of average daily cigarette consumption.

Differences were observed in cigarette consumption at the weekend and on weekdays; significantly more respondents to the telephone interview pilot aged 16 to 44 years reported smoking fewer than 10 cigarettes at the weekend The reverse pattern was observed in the same age group aged 16 to 44 years in terms of smoking 20 or more cigarettes on the weekend 9. For weekdays, significantly more respondents aged 45 years and over reported smoking fewer than 10 cigarettes in the face-to-face interview In terms of e-cigarette usage, while there was no significant difference between modes in terms of current use, a significantly lower proportion of respondents reported having used one in the past on the telephone interview compared with the face-to-face interview.

For these differences, it is likely that the redesign of questions for telephone collection may have had an impact on the responses. The results of the pilot studies also describe data that compares telephone only collection with online data collection. Tell us whether you accept cookies We would like to use cookies to collect information about how you use ons. Accept all cookies. Set cookie preferences.

Home People, population and community Health and social care Health and life expectancies Adult smoking habits in the UK. Adult smoking habits in the UK: Cigarette smoking habits among adults in the UK, including the proportion of people who smoke, demographic breakdowns, changes over time, and use of e-cigarettes. Table of contents Main points Collaboration Things you need to know about this release The proportion who are current smokers in the UK, its constituent countries and local areas, to Characteristics of current cigarette smokers in the UK Other characteristics of smokers in the UK Data on smokers who have quit and smokers who intend to quit, Great Britain, to The use of electronic cigarettes e-cigarettes , Great Britain Health consequences of cigarette smoking Other sources of data to understand smoking and its impact Limitations of surveys when it comes to measuring smoking prevalence Changes to legislation and government policy Quality and methodology.

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View all data used in this Statistical bulletin. Those aged 25 to 34 years had the highest proportion of current smokers Back to table of contents.

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This publication is produced in partnership with Public Health England. In , the prevalence of smoking in the UK was Figure 1: Smoking prevalence has fallen in all four countries of the UK since Proportion who were current smokers, all persons aged 18 years and over, UK, to Figure 2: People aged 25 to 34 years continue to have the highest smoking prevalence Proportion who were current smokers, all persons by age group, UK, to Around 1 in 4 people in routine and manual occupations smoked compared with just 1 in 10 people in managerial and professional occupations When looking at smoking prevalence by socio-economic status, The main findings for include: economic activity: the proportion of current smokers was significantly higher among unemployed people The Flaming Lips were originally scheduled to appear at Friars on 24 July but due to CV19 and all live gatherings being outlawed, a new date had to be found.

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We are elated to be able to confirm that the new rescheduled date is:. Tickets already purchased for the original dates are valid for the new dates. Please hang on to your tickets. Thanks for keeping the faith in these difficult times. Friars thanks all those who have loyally held on to their tickets which is a huge help to us.

Tickets limited to a maximum of 4 per person. This will be the first new Friars date to be announced since the CV19 lockdown. Says Steve:. The set features some of the most thrilling Genesis material, this time all numbers played in full, plus additional surprises He was voted by Modern Drummer and Rhythm Magazine readers as one of the top progressive and forward thinking drummers in the world. Steve talks candidly about his early life, his time with Genesis, and in particular his personal relationships with the other four band members, with great insight into the daily goings on of this major rock band.

About Steve Hackett. Steve Hackett joined Genesis at the beginning of and first played Friars Aylesbury in June Steve is renowned as both an immensely talented and innovative rock musician and a virtuoso classical guitarist and composer and this was recognised in when he was inducted into the Rock Hall Of Fame. Oh, and a great light show too. The Friars Aylesbury Archive is a not-for-profit project wherein we are trying to create a complete archive of all Friars related memorabilia including Friars news sheets, posters, tickets, video, recordings, press cuttings etc.