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TGUK β€” The show now boasts an international cast who perform on a number of continents.

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I can only imagine what an advert in the back of Variety may have said, but how did you go about auditioning new puppeteers and what does the audition process entail? When we hold auditions every nutbag for miles comes out of the woodwork. But we also get some likeminded young guys who are pretty comfortable with their bodies.

INTERVIEW: Simon Morley – The Original Penis Puppeteer | TheGayUK

The idea of travelling the world, getting your penis out for an hour a night and getting paid pretty well is rather attractive to some. We line them up, make sure they can do the shapes, and get them to read some lines. Most of the time our guys are pretty raw, so there is a fair bit of training involved. TGUK β€” Did you and your fellow puppeteers find it initially daunting to be so publically nude? Does it add to the stage fright?

And how do you warm up for your performances? SM β€” Not really. We were more concerned about presenting dialogue rather than being naked. Most of the warming up is happening on stage, and to be fair, stage fright is not a bad thing in our line of work! TGUK β€” Out of you and your colleagues, who is the most reserved performer and who is the greatest exhibitionist? SM β€” Mum was a bit freaked out. TGUK β€” What is the creative process of developing your show? Do you and your colleagues just sit around pulling and prodding your genitals until they resemble something, or is there a concerted effort to come up with an idea and follow it through?

SM β€” The hamburger is the classic. It was the first trick we ever did and still the greatest! The Skateboard can be difficult too. The Puppetry of the Penis Tour commences on the 18th October in Brighton before heading around the country on a 16 date tour. Details of the tour, more information about the Puppeteers and enough photographs to make your eyes water can be found on the Puppetry of the Penis website at. In between visits to the theatre, watching films, photography, walking, scuba diving and singing badly ; Paul writes for TheGayUK.

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TGUK β€” Do you have any audience participation in your shows? And are there some members of the audience who would probably not take any encouragement to leap on stage and perform themselves? We also invite men up to perform a hamburger [nb. The Hamburger involves two testicle buns and a penis burger in the middle β€” use your imagination…. SM β€” On the opening night in the West End I had a guy come on stage for the fruit bat and he licked my balls!

There was one occasion when we had an entire audience of men get butt naked and join the show. TGUK β€” Out of the many places you have toured with your show, where has been your favourite place and which place has given you the best reception? TGUK β€” Have you ever come across any adverse reaction to your show, either from an individual audience member or a community?

SM β€” We get them all the time, but it just leads to us selling more tickets. What can audiences expect from the new shows? What is new this time around, and will any old favourites be making an appearance? SM β€” There are a few new tricks, and lots of favourites. The technology we use to present the show is quite advanced which gives it a new feel and the music has also been updated.

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The pair had kissed and cuddled and went upstairs to Morley's bedroom to watch a DVD of the film Brokeback Mountain in bed. Morley claimed he killed Oldfield after waking up to find him performing a sexual act on him and said he feared he was going to be raped. The jury was told that Morley had been badly affected after being groomed and raped by an older man when he was younger, and that the incident had left him confused about his sexuality.

During the trial Morley claimed he could not remember killing Oldfield or his following actions and denied murder on the grounds of provocation or diminished responsibility. The judge rejected this. But he said he accepted that Morley was confused about his sexuality, saying he had a "conflicting, tortured personality". The judge said Morley was "highly dangerous" when he had been drinking, referring to a previous incident when he attacked an ex-boyfriend with a meat cleaver.

The judge described Oldfield as "outwardly gay and proud of it. Now, at the age of 33, his life has been taken away. After the verdict, Oldfield's mother, Denise, said: "Damian loved life and he has had that taken away from him in the cruellest of circumstances. Morley stood in the dock with his head bowed as he was sent down. A section of flesh, which appeared to have been chewed, was found in a bin bag. Morley claimed he had had a flashback to that incident and felt betrayed by Oldfield's actions.

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