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There's Qrushr Girls but its address now redirects you to an insurance site. There's another called Brenda, but a recent iPhone app review complains that most of the people using it are men. So is it just that nobody wants a piece of technology that tells gay and bi women how many other gay and bi women are nearby?

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Actually, the internet is full of people asking for that very thing , and the numbers add up — at the most conservative estimate, there are hundreds of thousands of non-straight women in the UK alone, and they can't all be monogamously partnered. If , UK men can join Grindr, you'd think that at least a few thousand would sign up to its female equivalent.

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But they haven't done so. There's an obvious answer to the question, of course. It's popularly believed that gay men embody male sexuality distilled into its purest, least emotional form: the calvados to heterosexuality's cider. Gay women are on the opposite end of the spectrum: the apple juice, if you like. They embody female sexuality — gentle, meaningful, pair-bonded. But lazy drink-based stereotypes aside, it's not that women never want casual sex: what they don't want is bad casual sex.

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Or unsafe casual sex. Or casual sex in which the other participant regards them as basically a blow-up doll with very realistic skin tone. And, for all kinds of reasons, these issues are somewhat less likely to crop up when men aren't involved. A recent study threw an interesting light on this: researchers set up a trial of men propositioning women, women propositioning men, and women propositioning heterosexual women. Unsurprisingly, the men were far more likely to accept casual sex with women than women were with men — but heterosexual women were just as likely to say yes to women as they were to men.

Bisexual women, when propositioned by men and by women, were more likely to say yes to women. Because the important factors for the women were, first, the element of danger involved and, second, how good the person was likely to be in bed. Women were perceived as both less dangerous and more likely to be good in bed.

So, oddly, women who chat up women might well have just as much or as little success as men who chat up women, even though non-heterosexual women are a small minority. But in practice, of course, women don't usually try to chat up women unless they already have reason to think they're at least a bit queer — which, again, is where an app like Grindr would come in useful. There would be non-dating uses, too. If you're a member of a smallish, often-invisible minority, the ability to walk into a cafe, pub, shopping centre or office and identify fellow members would at the very least be interesting.

At best, it could add an element of reassurance and safety. It could even help to create a new kind of women's community — with lesbian hangouts such as First Out in London closing down, the ability to create a corner of any given pub that is forever LGBT can't be underestimated. Controversy resulted when Fox made Verraros remove gay content from network-sponsored website while he was competing.

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Aiken came out publicly several years after his appearance on the series. DeGeneres was a judge for season 9. Davis did not come out until years after her season had concluded. The Amazing Race. Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip Arndt were the winners of season 4. Season 11, sometimes billed as an "All-Star" season, brought back previous Racers. Mel White is the gay father of the bisexual Mike White. Sam and Dan are brothers who came out to each other about a year before the show. Carol and Brandy are lesbians. Jordan and his straight brother Dan were the winners of season Kisha won season 18 with her straight sister, Jen.

They are the winners of season Jaymes and his Race partner James Davis are both performers with the Chippendales male dance revue. Season 28 featured teams of internet celebrities. Season 31 featured teams consisting of former Amazing Race competitors, Survivor competitors, and Big Brother houseguests. Big Brother Australia. Network Ten , Nine Network.

The Mole. Hatch was the season 1 winner. Todd Herzog is a flight attendant and a Mormon and season 15 winner. Ami Cusack tried out for The Amazing Race with her girlfriend and producers recommended her to audition for Survivor. She made a second appearance as a "Favorites" in Survivor Micronesia. Caleb passed away on June 24, due to a work-related accident. Water twist.


Several contestants; including Sonja Christopher and Mitchell Olson did not have their sexuality discussed on-air. Big Brother UK. Channel 4 Channel 5. Brian Dowling, an openly gay man, won the second series. Anna Nolan was the first lesbian seen on Big Brother second place, series 1. Kitten Pinder is also a lesbian. Sara Folino BB9 is bisexual. Shabby Katchadorian is a lesbian. Shabby developed a crush on friend and housemate Caoimhe Gurfole.

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Caoimhe said she was bisexual until she found out Shabby liked her. It was later revealed that Shabby loved her and Caoimhe thought it was just a crush. Ryan Ruckledge and Hughie Maughan season 17 were the first same-sex couple to engage in a sex act on the show. Celebrity Big Brother UK. Ian Watkins Celebrity Big Brother , won fourth place is gay. Jackiey Budden Celebrity BB , first evictee is a lesbian.

Frankie Grande originally appeared on the sixteenth season of the American version of the show. India Willoughby is the first transgender housemate on the celebrity edition. Shane Jenek is better known as his drag persona, Courtney Act. Big Brother U. Bunky's husband at the time sent Bunky a letter during the show during Big Brother 2. Ivette's live-in girlfriend was interviewed on the show during Big Brother 6.

Dustin and Joe were cast as hated ex-boyfriends on Big Brother 8. Joshua and Neil were originally "soulmates" on the show but Neil had to leave the House voluntarily for urgent personal reasons and Joshua selected formerly evicted Sharon as his new mate.

Andy became the first openly gay winner in the U. Frankie is the older half-brother of singer Ariana Grande.

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Audrey Middleton is the first transgender HouseGuest to appear on the U. Vanessa and Tiffany are sisters. Jason later returned for the first season of Big Brother: Over The Top , where he finished in second. Natalie came out as pansexual on a subsequent appearance on The Challenge. Kaycee became the first openly lesbian winner of the U. Big Brother Spanish TV series. TLC Discovery Home. American High. Fox PBS Series follows high school students. Canada's Worst Driver.

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Kevin and Lenny are boyfriends.