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If you haven't received an email or letter from Cavendish Online, please check your email junk folder or check that the postal address on your Fidelity account is your current address. We will continue to provide a link so that you can log into your account via the Cavendish Online website. As our platform used the same same platform as Fidelity you should see very little change in the way you log in and conduct your investments and or pension.

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This will provide you with a more in-depth user experience, especially for pensions. For any questions or queries please call Fidelity on I want my Fidelity account to remain linked to Cavendish Online, is that possible? It is no longer possible for your Fidelity account to remain linked to Cavendish Online.

Any questions that you have about your Fidelity account in future will need to be raised directly with Fidelity. Please do not contact Cavendish Online about your Fidelity account s as we no longer have any authority over them.

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I recently opened an account and am waiting for my first monthy contribution to go through, how will this be affected? I recently opened an account but failed Fidelity's identification checks, how will I be affected? If you wish to proceed with using the account you will still need to send the requested documents to Fidelity.

If Fidelity received your application by the completion date of 2nd October your application will be processed and will be linked to Cavendish Online and you will be on the same 'Fees and User Experience' as listed above. If Fidelity receive your application after the completion date of 2nd October , your application may be rejected but Fidelity will contact you and inform you what needs to be done to resolve this.

Howard, you should understand that most people on here don't like your comments. In all honesty, we don't know you and therefore no one can really say that they don't like you as a person. We know only what you choose and choose not to write here in the Guestbook. That being said, you and your family are in my thoughts. Hi Rich, I have no opinions today, only heartache to hear that another family has to be put through this nightmare. God has his reasons, whether to test our strength or hers, but no matter what it hurts very much to watch her go through this.

I have lit a candle at LaSallette Shrine and have spoken to one of the priests there. Please know that we are all praying for a long life and that her spirits will always be high and her smile always wide. God bless your family. Howard, your neice has my prayers. She's on our Bible study group list. What is her first name?

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Mom was great of course. She and the rest of the cast had a blast! You should have seen state Rep. John Lepper gliding over the stage as the caped Phantom of the Opera. He was really getting into it!

And this newspaper's publisher in a manly chorus line in tights and a red thong singing Monty Python's "Men in Tights'! One of the other highlights was Gypsy Rose Lee in bright red lipstick, long black wig and a slinky shiny dress with the thickest furriest arm hair I've ever seen on a man! One audience member ran up to "her" and put two dollar bills in "her" dress belt! It was hysterical! You guys really ought to go next year. A cheap fun night out with the city elders. Thank you for your spiritual wisdom of the day, Mr.

However, your words are likely empty to those who know all too well the institutional barriers that face folks who are not white, not middle class, etc. Please don't be blind to the plights of those around you, though you assume they breathe the same air.

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Don't forget, the folks you just gave advice to probably own a computer and are interested in others' opinions enough to visit the Guestbook. That says a lot about who writes and reads the entries here. We may breathe a common air - an air of pride, entitlement to have our opinions be read and responded to by others, etc. Though we may all have such air, you should know that there are plenty of folks who are suffocating.

Does anyone have information about an old friend from school: Sharon Sprague? Career, marriage, where she lives? We graduated fron NAHS in I ask a favor of all of you, even those who dislike me. I am asking for prayers for my year-old niece who has been diagnosed with spinal muscular atrophy. This is fatal in infants and toddlers and has better survival chances in 5 to 8-year-olds.

In her case, being 13 should be a good thing and she should live as good a life as she does now with a few minor restrictions. Prayers are most helpful and we would really appreciate them. Her attitude is outstanding and she wonders what all the fuss is about. God bless you all and thank you. Is this a Guest Book or a Sunday school class? If I need a little Bible thumping, I'll ask you! Air surrounds us all. It may be clean and fresh in the country, it may be polluted in big cities, but its life-giving presence is all around us. Air is air, but it becomes something entirely different when inhaled and exhaled by a living creature.

It becomes breath. It literally changes in both chemical composition and potential. Words are breath. Words are simply air set in motion by a living soul. But oh, how the words differ. All carried by the same air. Hate or love spoken, same air. Encouragement or discouragement spoken, same air. Compliments or criticisms spoken, same air.

Curses or blessings spoken, same air. Can do or can't do spoken, same air. The beauty or misery of life spoken, same air.

Faith or doubt spoken, same air. Laughter or sighs expressed, same air. Same air, but different breath. Air comes into us all with the same potential.

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We change it, we charge it, we shape it, we make it, then we send it. Regardless of what you have been through, no matter what your parents did, no matter what is or isn't in your bank account, no matter what hurts,YOU have a decision to make about the next breath. God not only breathed the breath of life into man and he became a living soul, He gave us the choice of what to do with every breath. He literally gave you the power to breathe life into people and situations, all with the power of your words.

He gave you the power of good and evil, life and death, with breath. Take a deep breath … and decide. I thought all the readers would like a fresh breath of air. This article was a production of "Cry of the Spirit. While I've participated in a number of impassioned exchanges with Rich Howard, I wish this Guestbook could be used for more worthwhile purposes. I'm currently in graduate school studying Human Development and Psychology and many of my assignments have required me to reflect back on my childhood and adolescent experiences, the majority of which occurred in Attleboro.

I'm saddened by what I see as the progressive deterioration of the city and the complacency of the residents who continue to live there. We must take steps to improve the lives of those currently living in Attleboro, especially our schoolchildren! While AHS has a number of great programs designed to get students to college, those programs are targeted to students who fit the stereotype of those who are college educated; namely white, middle class kids.

But the twist is that Attleboro is largely made up of children who don't fit this profile—children like me who were homeless, had family members addicted to alcohol and drugs, etc. My proposal is to begin using the Guestbook as a way to brainstorm ideas for revitalizing the town and its programs geared toward young people. I think it's wonderful that we have a new mayor who seemingly has a vision to do just that.

Also, I urge folks to volunteer their extra time to the numerous organizations located in and around Attleboro. The local homeless shelter could not only use your time, but your donations as well. Please give children in Attleboro the head start they deserve.