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After Jeff continued his demands Duncan made acquiesced but only on the condition that Jeff give him his Lexus. Ian also offered his own mini coup in exchange as part of the bargain so Jeff could have a vehicle.

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Jeff reluctantly agreed but afterwards discovered that Duncan just gives him an envelope of blank paper. Duncan was enjoying a glass of wine when a Jeff stormed into his office grabbed his car keys furious that Ian tried to teach him a lesson " Pilot ". Duncan set up a psych lab and invited his top students to help prove his hypothesis, "The Duncan Principle. Annie Edison managed to join Duncan's pupils in observing the experiment and recruited her friends Troy Barnes and Abed Nadir to participate. Duncan allowed her to start the lab once all the test subjects were gathered in one room.

Ian was amused when one of the guinea pigs, Ben Chang, immediately went berserk and stormed out. As the hours passed the room emptied and only Abed remained which frustrated Duncan.

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Furious that Abed wouldn't leave, Duncan angrily criticized Annie for bringing him. His class then started to document his breakdown which made Duncan cancel the experiment and end the test lab " Social Psychology ".

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The trial was being held in Borchert Hall at the edge of the swimming pool. Duncan and Chang's animosity towards each other reappeared as the two continually sniped at each other. During the recess they went off to clear the air between them. They argued all the way into the shower stalls in the men's locker rooms where Chang revealed he felt continually disrespected by Duncan. Their conversation was interrupted when they realized there was an overweight naked man showering in front of them. Back at the trial, Duncan and the rest of the tribunal were swayed by Jeff's argument that Britta should not be expelled for her actions.

Duncan decided that she should instead be sentenced to a year's worth of therapy sessions conducted by him " Advanced Criminal Law ". At the end of the school year Duncan was drunk again while attending the school's transfer formal. While at the dance he insulted the Dean which led to an immediate suspension. Chang at that point had been fired due to falsified credentials and enrolled himself at Greendale to earn a legitimate teaching degree.

Duncan had mocked him earlier for his situation, but Chang couldn't retaliate physically or he could be kicked out of school. Once Ian was suspended, Chang took advantage of that fact to hit him in the face with a roll of quarters " Pascal's Triangle Revisited ". In the study group's second year at a Greendale, Duncan is reinstated and finds himself unexpectedly teaching Anthropology. He is forced to take over the class after the original teacher, Professor June Bauer , is forced to go on sabbatical after attacking a student.

Because he knows nothing about the subject, his teaching style was limited to showing the class various YouTube videos and assigning them dozens of dioramas to create. At Christmas time, Abed has a mental breakdown and Duncan is called in to try and therapize him.

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During the semester, he exploits the restraining order he put on Ben Chang, played piano for the Study Group when they briefly replaced the Glee Club who died in a bus accident , and watched a European football game at Jeff's apartment on Valentine's Day. For a brief time he was sober but quickly fell off the wagon by the end of the year. He reveals his absence was due to having to go back to England to take care of his sick mother.

Upon his return he joins the investigation into the campus assailant called the "Ass Crack Bandit. He ends up being eliminated by Jeff and Annie when he tries to take Britta out of the game. Duncan and the Save Greendale Committee come up with a theme for the mid-term dance.

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He later asks Jeff's help in trying to woo Britta. He decides to not take advantage of a depressed Britta and hangs out with Jeff instead. When Jeff accidentally ends up in a coma he imagines Duncan as the cartoon character of " Xim Xam " in his G. Joe fantasy. Duncan and the committee celebrate prematurely after a city inspector gives Greendale a positive assessment. School board members Carl and Richie prepare to sell the school to the Subway corporation. Most of the staff, including Duncan, is laid off to make way for the new Subway employees. Buzz Hickey and Duncan commiserate over their unemployment and find they have a few things in common.

Duncan meets up with the committee in a last ditch effort to prevent the sale of the school. They learn of a map which leads to a hidden computer lab which may hold the school founder Russell Borchert 's lost wealth. While searching for the entrance way to the lab, Duncan electrocutes himself after grabbing exposed wires. He suffered some post traumatic confusion but later regained enough of his senses to celebrate with the rest committee after they succeed in saving the school. Jeff ": Duncan plays Xim Xam in Jeff's hallucination.

Outside of the name plate, Professor Duncan is neither seen nor mentioned for the entire season, leaving his reasons for leaving the Save Greendale Committee unknown. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. My name is Professor Ian Duncan and I would like to rap for you.

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  • Drop a beat! My name is Ian Duncan and I'm here to say, I'm going to rap to the beat in a rapping way! I've got a real big penis and I drink lots of tea Ian Duncan portrayed by John Oliver. Categories :. Cancel Save. Universal Conquest Wiki. Ian Duncan. Duncan's turbulent upbringing after being abandoned by his father was possibly a large factor in his subsequent abuse of alcohol. His on-again, off-again drinking problem has greatly affected his personal and professional life " Pascal's Triangle Revisited ".

    Arial Trail. Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Play Avenue. North Lincolnshire Museum.

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    Walker's Nurseries and Garden Centre. Messingham Zoo. Wacky Warehouse - Scunthorpe. Premium Lounge. The Baths Hall. Boston Park Farm Maize Maze.

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    The Pink Pig Farm. Gainsborough Heritage Centre. Marshall's Yard. Thonock Park. Kingswood Golf Centre. Fair Gardens Plant Centre. The Kings Arms.